Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada - CCAC

Privacy Policy  

Welcome to one of the larger implications of cyberspace. You will have taken note of the number of forms available on this site—they generate output every time they are completed. In addition there are forums, chat sessions and a host of ways to participate which all generate information. Our Privacy Policy is to disclose none of it to anybody. We will not sell or distribute the lists of our membership, or newsletter subscribers, or volunteers, or those who generously support us financially.

Having said that, with the sole exception of the future secure Donation Form, all the information that transits the web site is unsecured. The potential exists for it to be intercepted and used by others. Whether adding a piece of news or taking part in a discussion, personal information is inevitably revealed to those determined to take it. This is the nature of a public place in cyberspace. Short of locking everybody in a black, signal-shielded room to discuss colorectal cancer and its associated issues, there is not much that can be done about it. Do not let this discourage you from participating in the CCAC site. It will be the same anywhere online, and it is much more important that you gain what you seek in terms of help and response from our site.

The Links section of the site will take you to a wide variety of other places related to colorectal cancer issues. Naturally, we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of these other sites or how they handle personal information.