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Planned giving is about matching a donor’s tax and estate planning goals with his or her philanthropic ideals. Through a variety of tax-wise programs we can show you new ways to make better use of the assets you own and turn possessions you no longer use or benefit from into gifts that do good for others and provide a tangible financial reward to you and your loved ones.

Lifetime Gifts

If you have the assets available and could use the tax benefits now without affecting your lifestyle, consider the transfer of property today. Your gift may be cash, the transfer of marketable securities or personal property. You receive an immediate tax receipt for the full amount. An endowment fund is established in your name and you can witness the good your gift will create during your lifetime.

Perpetual Gifts

You can plan today to leave your legacy without parting with your assets during your lifetime. This may be in the form of a Will bequest or via a life insurance policy. On your death, an endowment fund is established in your name with proceeds allocated according to your instructions. Your name and generosity are perpetuated and your community reaps the benefits.

Life Income Plans

Have it both ways. Help secure our community’s future-and your own. Life income plans offer a way to give to charity and to provide guaranteed annual income for yourself (and for your spouse) for the rest of your lives. It can also save some of what you (and your heirs) would otherwise sacrifice to taxes.

Corporate Gifting Strategies

The CCAC offers a host of charitable giving strategies which combine excellent estate planning and tax saving mechanisms and charitable giving specifically designed for private company ownership. There are many easy ways to start building your legacy today. All provide tax benefits you can use now and the opportunity to see the good you can do for our community - during your lifetime.

Cash Gifts

A flexible way to give to a newly created or existing fund. Gifts can be made whenever you choose or in one lump sum. You receive the full tax deduction for your contribution in the year you make it.

Stocks and Bonds

Turn gains into rewarding investments. Transferring marketable securities - rather than selling them first and then donating the proceeds - results in a 50% savings on capital gains!

Art, Jewellery, a Rare Stamp or Book Collection

Valuable personal items may provide you with financial planning rewards in ways you’ve never imagined.

Gifts of Residence

You can use your home as both a financial planning tool and a charitable resource. Leave your residence to the CCAC while you continue to live there as long as you wish.

Will Bequest

One of the easiest and most common planned gifts is a gift through your Will. Redraft or add a codicil to your Will leaving a gift to the CCAC. This could be a specific asset (RRSP’s, marketable securities), fixed amount or a percentage of your estate. Your gift creates a lasting legacy to your life and reduces the taxes payable by your heirs. To ensure that the CCAC - and your beneficiary - is included in your Will, it is important to state your objectives precisely, incorporating the proper terminology, and that the will be signed and witnessed.

Gifts of Life Insurance

A large gift at little cost, life insurance can build a significant endowment. Purchase a life insurance policy naming CCAC as owner and beneficiary. Make an annual tax-deductible gift to the CCAC for an amount equal to the premium which is paid by the CCAC. At death, an endowment fund is established in your name, with interest allocated annually according to your instructions. For a 30-year old*, ten annual payments of $1000 can result in a magnificent $100,000 legacy! (*Joint life policy; non-smoker)

The Charitable Remainder Trust

Benefit now, be a benefactor later. Transfer property to a CCAC trust today, get an immediate tax receipt and receive income from that property for life. On your death, the capital reverts to the CCAC and an endowment fund in your name is established to support the institutions, programs or fields of endeavour most important to you.

Please contact the CCAC if you would like to discuss planned giving.