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NexProfiler patient tool for colorectal cancer

Healthology, Comprehensive information on colorectal cancer., The free online lifeline for erveryone affected by cancer & related disorders.

Nucare coping skills

A Coping Skills Workbook  Download Adobe Reader- PDF File Reader - Free, With thanks to the Nucare Research Project.

The Colour’s Coming Back

An album of 14 original songs for people living with cancer, and their families and friends.

  • Be inspired by the messages of hope and healing.
  • Support cancer prevention, research, treatment and wellness through the purchase of the CD.

To find out more about the album and listen to clips of the songs, to order online and benefit the CCAC click here

To listen to "Can’t Catch Me, I’m Houdini", a song inspired by Barry D. Stein and the CCAC, click here

WebMD - A moderated message board devoted to colorectal cancer.

Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) - Free online lifeline for everyone affected by cancer and related disorders

Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) - Online conversations in real time.

The Colon Cancer Mutual Support List - An environment that provides support and guidance to persons impacted by a colorectal cancer diagnosis. Provided with Yahoo!

Canadian Virtual Hospice - A network of information and support for people dealing with life-threatening illness and loss.

Understanding pathology reports

Cancerguide - Edward Uthman, MD, a pathologist, wrote this article, which defines pathology examinations, samples obtained, processing of samples and a glossary. The article is user-friendly, complete and avoids jargon. CancerGuide was developed by kidney cancer survivor, Steve Dunn.

College of American Pathologists - This brief article outlines the parts of a pathology report, and describes how to understand each section.