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We appreciate your thoughtfulness to host a fundraising event for the CCAC. The following ideas, tools and templates have been developed to assist you to determine what type of event you would like to host, and to provide you with some tips on how to start organizing your event.

Individual, Association, Clubs, Schools and Corporations can host Community Fundraising Events for the CCAC.

We encourage new and innovative ideas; no event is too small and each event is very significant to the CCAC. Each event depicts your continuous support and determination to battle Colorectal Cancer, create awareness and provide support to patients and their families.

To participate in our Cause-Related Marketing Campaign or Third Party Events, event organizers need to register their event by filling in the attached Event Proposal Form.

Kindly send us the form via email to or by fax at 416.920.3004.

Community Fundraising Events Ideas

  • BBQ
  • Gala
  • Celebration Cards for wedding, birthday or any other celebrations
  • Garage Sale
  • Bake Sale
  • A-thons (walk-a- thon, run or a tri-a- thon)
  • Have your guest make a donation to CCAC in lieu of gifts for bridal shower, religious functions or any other special occasion
  • Fundraiser Dinner, Halloween party
  • Have a fundraising theme at your restaurant or hotel to last for a week or month
  • Comedy nite
  • Musical nite
  • Set up an Employee Fund in your organization
  • Sports tournaments e.g. baseball, soccer, basketball, curling, golf etc.
  • Radio-thon
  • Auction

Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) Campaign

The corporate partner benefits from its association with a charitable cause and the non-profit benefits by receiving funds or other compensation from the company. As part of their social and community concerns, the corporate partner intends to promote the company’s product or service and to raise money for the non-profit. CRM augments sales as it enhances corporate image, targets key markets, differentiates a company from its competition and fosters customer loyalty.

Various Avenues to consider for CRM

Advertising - Use advertisements to communicate the Charitable cause

Public Relations – Publish in the press to highlight a strategic partnership between the company and a non-profit group

Sponsorship - Where a business helps fund a particular program or event, or donates a portion of purchase proceeds to the CCAC

Licensing - Business pays to use a charity logo on its products or services

Direct Marketing - Where both a business and a non-profit raise funds and promote brand awareness.

Choosing Your Event Theme

To put together a comprehensive fundraising event plan, choose a theme for your next fundraiser. A theme is a unifying subject or idea. It will provide a basis to plan all of your event details under one umbrella. For instance, all advertising, printed promotional pieces, decorations, activities, gifts, and sponsors should reflect the overall theme. In order to choose an appropriate theme, you must first understand the purpose of your fundraiser. Are you raising funds for the CCAC, a specific program, education, awareness or research? Once you’ve established the purpose, choose a theme that reflects that purpose and make a list of the key aspects that surround it. Further reflect this theme in printed promotional material, decorations, activities, prizes, and sponsorships. A theme provides a planning guide for your volunteer committee members to follow. If they understand that all details must relate back to the theme, their planning and ideas will be more focused, efficient, and effective.

Tips for a Successful Event

Plan a committee

Enthusiastic and dedicated committee members representing a variety of skills is the key to organizing special events. When selling tickets for a fundraiser there should be at least one volunteer for every ten tickets you need to sell.

Establish goals

Have a realistic and measurable financial goal. The budget section of the Event Proposal Form is a necessary part as it will enable you to accurately gauge the scale of your event.

Rallying volunteers who are ready to help

Organizing and managing the committee is just one of the critical roles event Chairs play in planning a successful event. Volunteers are critical in introducing their friends and potential donors to the event and the organization. Make sure volunteers are fully utilized, have clear, detailed direction, and are assigned tasks that are aligned to their specified interests. They volunteer because they are passionate, willing to lend their talents, and want to help. Volunteers who are misaligned with tasks, not given clear direction, or not even assigned a task are not only unhappy, but wane in their commitment to the organization and their desire to volunteer or make financial donations. Capturing attendee contact information A key element of successful events is capturing the contact information of your guests. Having pre-sales of tickets or registration forms are ways to capture attendee information. On the other hand, some guests may be more elusive. For example, a company or organization may sponsor a table of eight at your gala, but you may not know who are filling those seats. Make capturing contact information a well-thought out part of your overall plan, allowing for post-event thank you calls, cards, future invitations and opportunities to engage those guests in other organizational activities.


The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada as a national organization is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

It is your responsibility to communicate decisions on tax receipting to the participants of the event, please ensure you have discussed it with us and that you are clear about what you can offer.

In general, if an individual or corporation is receiving any benefit for their donation or contribution, then a tax receipt is not usually issued. There are some exceptions to this, as described further on this page. Benefits could include: dinner, alcohol, chance to bid on auction items, entertainment, parking etc.

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We Can Help You

Once your event is finalized we can provide you with our logo, educational materials, access to more resources and templates to help you to organize your event. We can set up a link to your event or post your flyers/brochure on our website to promote your event. Your event can be showcased in our annual newsletter.