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Cancer Day of Action

The Campaign to Control Cancer (C2CC) aims to educate, energize and unify professionals, patients, advocates, care providers and citizens in order to give voice to Canadians concerned about cancer issues.

The CCAC officially recognizes this all-important initiative and warmly invites you to get involved in your province!

From controlcancer,ca:

Day of Action 2010

November 3rd, 2010 will mark the 2nd Cancer Day of Action in provincial legislatures across Canada. The goal of the 2010 Cancer Day of Action is to educate, energize and unify professional, patient, advocate, providers and citizens in order to give voice to Canadians concerned about cancer issues. Purpose

The primary purpose of the Cancer Day of Action in provincial legislatures is to educate political leaders about issues related to cancer control and to demonstrate their importance to the health and quality of life for Canadians. The Cancer Day of Action is an opportunity for you, your organization and all concerned citizens to meet with provincially elected representatives and civil servants.

As a group, you will meet with elected officials (MPP, MLA, or MNA) during which your goal is to introduce yourself, the organization you represent and to deliver your important message as clearly and strongly as possible.

Finally, you will be asking government officials to commit to a course of action within a specific time frame and letting them know you will be following up to offer support and ensure progress. Additionally, meetings will be arranged with senior public servants from the Ministries of Health, Environment and other appropriate government departments and with members of newspaper, radio and TV media. Participation

Our provincial and national teams have started work on recruiting participants and organizing events at each Legislature. As a participant in the Cancer Day of Action you will be teamed up with cancer professionals and leaders from your community.

On November 3rd 2010, we will take control of cancer. Volunteer today.


Concerned citizens will participate in grassroots activities to educate political leaders about cancer control issues through organized outreach campaigns. These nonpartisan, educational activities will include:

  • Contacting political leaders through letter-writing campaigns, phone calls and in-person meetings
  • Participating in planned Cancer Day of Action events at provincial legislatures on Nov. 3rd, 2010
  • Meeting with elected officials and media on Nov. 3rd to deliver key messages and deliver information kits
  • Spreading the word to family, friends, business/civic groups

C2CC assists in coordinating these activities and serves as a source of education and information for participants on the research and development of key legislative initiatives and significant provincial and national issues that may impact cancer control and quality of life. Talk for an hour. Change cancer forever.

You can contribute to a national dialogue on cancer

Across Canada we’ll share a single voice, raising awareness and accelerating action on cancer control issues at a provincial level and in our communities. This is our opportunity to focus on the issues that we care the most about. We can make make a difference. We can control cancer.

Your voice can be heard

In 2010, across Canada, people are talking about cancer like never before. In their homes, at school and in the workplace, conversations are taking place that will shape the future of cancer control in Canada.

Over 500 Community Conversations on Cancer will contribute to a report representing the largest focus group on cancer ever completed in Canada. We’ll gather together on November 3rd, to share these results with government officials and leaders to highlight our collective concerns.

A conversation can make all the difference

Register to host a community conversation with your family, friends and colleagues. Talk about cancer like never before using our easy-to-use Conversation Guide. After your conversation, submit the results of your discussion and they’ll be combined with others across Canada to form a national report. We’ll be shining a light on the critical role we all must play in improving the response to cancer and work together with government to make it happen. You choose the topic that you care about the most, we’ll make sure Canada’s leaders are listening.

Catastrophic Drug Coverage - A Key Issue

Canadians have been waiting for catastrophic drug coverage since the early 1960s when it was proposed by the Royal Commission on Health Care. In 2004, as part of a National Pharmaceuticals Strategy, the first ministers established a federal/provincial/territorial ministerial task force to develop, assess and cost options for national catastrophic drug coverage.

In a September 2008 meeting on the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy, provincial and territorial health ministers reaffirmed their commitment to extending catastrophic drug coverage to all Canadians. The costs, estimated at $5.03 billion annually in 2006, would be divided equally between the provinces or territories and the federal government. Inability to agree on this cost-sharing arrangement is delaying any further progress. The Health Council of Canada notes that unless this political impasse is overcome, “the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy will remain largely a prescription unfilled.”

Unlike most countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Co operation and Development (OECD), Canada’s economy is doing well – and yet unlike most other OECD countries, our wealthy nation does not have a national catastrophic drug coverage system. Instead, a “patchwork” of 19 publicly funded drug plans and more than a 1000 private drug insurance plans – with costly and redundant administrative bureaucracies - exist.

Canada currently funds prescription drugs the way that Americans funded their entire health care system. We rejected the American approach for doctors and hospitals because its inefficient and inequitable. It’s time to reject that approach to paying for prescription drugs.

Now that healthcare is back on the front burner in opinion polls, we have an opportunity on Nov. 3rd, 2010 during the Cancer Day of Action meetings in provincial legislatures to tell politicians to push forward with a policy on catastrophic drug coverage in order to capitalize on the mood of the electorate.

Its time Canadians stopped waiting for catastrophic drug coverage.